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The Love"

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Neringa , 2007.08.07 01:11:10

I read this book without any complaints. It was easy to read and the content of this book made us aware of ourselves. I understood when I finished reading the book that we all need to live more carefully and be more sincere to others in our lives. I liked her life and I think I would be able to go through the same trials as well, to finally have the life full of love, kindness, and wonder. I respect the author for her courage and strength!!!

Ausra, 12.07. 2007.18:04:16

Thank You, Violeta for sharing your secrets. Bravo, you have overcome your fears and doubts. I recommend for others to read this book and to learn how to face their own fears and how to live in unconditional love. Wonderful book!!!!

Arturas , 2006.04.09 07:15:22

Easy to read, an intriguing book with a huge amount of valuable information.

Roma Pranskeviciene.

I am the manager of the Public Library. I found your e-mail on the internet and want to thank you for your wonderful book “Don’t kill the love”. After reading it, I changed my beliefs and opinion about many things. I look to the future with hope and positive thoughts. Your book doesn’t stay on the shelves for very long, it goes from one individual to another, and people stand in line to read this story.

Reigyte , 02.23. 2008.00:27:53

I’m just in the beginning of reading this book, but it takes me in, it’s interesting and more interesting for me, that I recognize similarities in the people I knew in my life.

Sandra 02.262008.. 22:45:20

In this book I found the same morals and values I live. I am only 20 years old, but this book helped me to stay alive, when a hard moment hit my life and I thought that everything was lost, and there was no sense to live. This book is the biggest gift in my life.

MODESTA , 11.27. 2009. 10:41:54

I’m reading now with understanding, that the hero in the book is like I am, just only now I’'m starting to analyze my life; what I am doing right, or wrong.