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Author of "Don't Kill
The Love"

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"This truely is a time of rebirth and new beginnings and I thank you for helping me see the new way of life."       From Jill Sosebee         March 2004

"When I came to Violeta, I had already spent several years working to heal my life. I was stuck in my truth, my pain and in a mode of death warmed over. I wanted to be free to live my life or die. Now I know love and life and I've made it to the other side and I'm free to go and do and be all that I know I am. Thank you Violeta for your knowledge of deepest truth. Thank you for the tools and techniques you know and thank you for your love and light that helped me find my way.

From Raylene Wiece         January 24,2006

Arturas , 2006.04.09 07:15:22

Easy to read, an intriguing book with a huge amount of valuable information.

My name is Roma Pranskeviciene. I am the manager of the Public Library. I found your e-mail on the internet and want to thank you for your wonderful book “Don’t kill the love”. After reading it, I changed my beliefs and opinion about many things. I look to the future with hope and positive thoughts. Your book doesn’t stay on the shelves for very long, it goes from one individual to another, and people stand in line to read this story.